Karkhana is an education company and makerspace with a unique approach to learning. Our teachers come from a spectrum of engineers, designers, artists, scientists, programmers; that turn the classroom into a lab for discovery! We have been in the field of education for the past five years designing learning experiences for middle school students. We believe that the world is malleable and this is the insight we want our students to gain. More about our approach to learning and teaching can be found here.

We work directly with learners between 8 to 14 years of age through our two programs: BeeCreative (in-school program) and Karkhana Innovators’ Club (after school program).

BeeCreative is our in-school program designed on the basis of the curricular designed by the Government of Nepal through which we reach around 4000 students from over 40 schools in Kathmandu Valley. 

Karkhana Innovators’ Club is our after-school program designed to stimulate creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, risk taking and making skills necessary for innovation.

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