Creative Computing Kit

The Creative Computing Kit is a great way to get started with Arduino, coding and electronics! It includes a range of components you need to make fun and interactive projects, along with detailed tutorials to guide you through the process of making.

Product Price Rs7,200.00

Product Description

Included in this Kit :-

Arduino (x 1)
Arduino Cable ( x 1)
Jumper Wires (PP) x 20
Jumper Wires (PH) x 10
Jumper Wires (HH) x 10
LED (x 15)
RGB LED (x 2)
Resistors (x 20)
IR Sensor (x 1)
Buzzer (x 1)
9V Battery ( x 1)
Battery Cap (x 1)
Motor Driver ( x 1)
DC Motor (x 2)
Switch (x 2)
Bread Board (x 1)

Product Features

Weight 1.1 KG