Maker Mentor Biratnagar


Imagine a setting where kids are challenged to solve a problem like launching a water rocket or making a bridge or a paper tower. Instead of a teacher, you see a mentor working with those kids, helping them use different tools and materials to help them materialize their ideas.

Karkhana (an Education company) in collaboration with US Embassy and American Space is bringing this opportunity as “Maker Mentor” program at your own city: Biratnagar.

As a Maker Mentor, you can help enhance the learning experiences of school students using technology, art, and making. We aim to create an increased interest in education among youths through introduction to ideas of  21st century education. It is an opportunity to engage and nurture young minds through hands-on fun practical activities. While stimulating the growth of these young kids, this program also allows you to harness your personal and professional skills.

What happens after you fill up the registration form:

  1. 20 shortlisted applicants will be selected for the design challenge (activity with a given set of problem, limited resources and limited guidelines, which needs to be solved in limited time.)
  2. Shortlisted applicants will participate in group discussion and interview.
  3. Once you’re selected from both design challenge and interview, you will then be invited to a 6 day Making Maker Mentor Workshop.
  4. Karkhana and American Space will engage selected Mentors in various educational activities for a year.

During this program, based on your interests, you will be mentored by Karkhana team members. As a Maker Mentor, you will also have access to Karkhana’s network of cool hackers, makers, designers, artists, and engineers and tools and resources at US Embassies american space in your city.


Please fill this application form.


  • Facilitate fun, hands-on, practical activities for 8-14 year-old students.
  • Facilitate sessions based on your interest to the fellow Maker Mentees/Mentors.
  • Collaborate with Karkhana teachers and fellow Maker Mentors to run engaging events such as design challenges and represent Karkhana at different events.
  • Collaborate with Karkhana teachers to generate creative, educational content.
  • Be engaged in various works which includes operations, finances and relationship management.
  • Support in event documentation through photos, videos, and stories.


  • Openness to new ideas and learning new things.
  • Openness to the experience of meeting new people and sharing ideas
  • Curiosity and commitment to developing personal and professional skills
  • Availability to work during designated program hours
  • Age: 18 to 24


  • A creative, supportive environment to explore one’s creative interests alongside students, fellow Maker Mentors and Karkhana teachers.
  • Opportunity to help young people build 21st-century skills and confidence.
  • Supervised access to all the tools and resources available at American Spaces.
  • Opportunity to attend different sessions and workshops.
  • A space for personal and professional development through
  • Maker Mentor Graduation Award (yayyyy! :D)


Application process

Fill up the form before the deadline(November 20th, 2018).

Attend the Design Challenge after initial screening.

Attend the interview session with Karkhana team members.

Attend the Making Maker Mentor workshop after final selection.


For further information, contact us at, 9849099371

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