K_Space at KIC

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Space exploration has been a daunting prospect limited to rich governments of large countries. But that is no longer true. With the improved power of computing and freely available information on the internet, even small institutions can participate in exploring space. The growing DIY satellite movement launched over 400 small scale satellites in 2015 alone and Karkhana wants its students to join the movement. But the lessons – in design, art, science etc – that we can learn from satellites are numerous and don’t always require a launch.

Karkhana Innovators’ Club will be focused on space and satellites for the year 2073. We have three sessions lined up for the students between the age of 10 and 14.



Our brains are visually wired, so it is easier for us to process visual information compared to text. In this 12 week session we will be focused on creating infographics of data, information and knowledge that help us uncover the mysteries of space.





There are around 3000 satellites in the earth’s orbit sending down information to us. In this 8 week session, we will talk to satellite using radio. Students will receive signals from satellites and process it to get meaningful information.




How do satellites measure temperature, luminosity and radiation? Can they be used in rescue missions for an earthquake or even a possible zombie invasion? Students will build a satellite mission of their own choice using the arduino platform. All classes have a maximum capacity of 24 students selected on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are interested please come visit us in Gyaneshwor soon.