Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is the Maker Mentor Program?

The Maker Mentor Program will allow you to explore your interests in different sections within Karkhana. It is an opportunity to experience hands-on practical methods of teaching and learning. You will be coached to use different methods to mentor young kids of ages 8 to 14 during Karkhana classes and events. While helping young kids learn and grow, the program also gives you an opportunity to learn and improve on your own skills by working at an open working environment.  

2.What other sections of Karkhana can the maker mentors be involved in?

Besides mentoring kids through hands on learning processes, you also have an option to work at other sections of Karkhana. These include content generation, relationship management, operations, finance etc.

3.What is the process of selection?

The application forms are reviewed by the Karkhana team and on that basis, the selected applicants will be called for a design challenge. During the design challenge, the selected applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their performance. There will then be an interview session after which, we will select 15 final applicants who will be called to attend the two-day Making Maker Mentor Workshop.

4.What is a design challenge?

Design Challenge is a hands-on activity where the participants will be asked to make something based on a given prompt. The participants would not need to have any prior knowledge or prepare beforehand for the design challenge.

5. What if a person gets selected in the design challenge and not the interview?

The interview session is for the Karkhana team members to know about you and your expectations better. If selected from the interview as well, only then will you be invited to the two day making maker mentor workshop.

6. What is the Making Maker Mentor Workshop?

The Making Maker Mentor Workshop is a MUST attend workshop for the selected applicants to become official members of the Maker Mentor Program. The workshop will be an introduction to different Karkhana approaches and values towards learning and teaching through fun, hands-on activities. The applicants should be able to pay NRS. 1100 for the workshop (inclusive of food and snacks). If the applicants are not able to do so, they should send an email to makermentor@karkhana.asia with a proper explanation.

7. What after the Making Maker Mentor Workshop?

The applicants will officially become a part of the Maker Mentor family. :’) The maker mentors then have an opportunity to be regularly engaged at Karkhana depending on the team’s requirement. Your engagement can be negotiated with your team supervisor.

8. Will the Maker Mentors be paid?

The maker mentors will be provided a lunch stipend for the days they are involved in Karkhana activities.

9. What after the Maker Mentors graduate?

Based on their performance, some might get hired for a long term. Also, they would still be allowed to hold sessions and workshops for other Maker Mentees/Mentors and/or Karkhana team.

10. How long is the entire program?

The maker mentor program will be a 6 months long program with a 3 month review period. The review period of first three months will be for an assessment of how good of a fit you are in the Karkhana environment.


For further information, please visit Karkhana on Sundays (2pm -4pm) or contact 9802072540