Computing curriculum

Primary School Computing Curriculum pdf document

Primary School Computing Curriculum pdf document

The changes wrought by the rapid development of technology are difficult, even for the best experts, to see and predict. The omnipresence of screens and programmable chips – in mobile phones, computers, and even microwave ovens – means that today’s children will be forced to interact extensively technology. Trends such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-physical Systems and the Internet of Things can impact both their society and livelihood. Thus it is important to give children the ability to interact with technology in a creative and meaningful way. This curriculum is an attempt to articulate what that path might look like for primary school students.

Karkhana has been working on this computing curriculum for the last year. That process has included reading, discussion and testing out various lessons and ideas in 4th and 5th-grade classrooms. It is our desire that this curriculum becomes an open-source co-created and community-owned document that educators around the world can use. We have started with a focus on the primary level as neither our home, Nepal, nor our neighbors across South Asia have an official curriculum for primary school.

This is a work in progress. We anticipate it misses much and needs much improvement. We are making this document public to being the process of receiving feedback to help us improve the curriculum.

You can give us feedback in two ways.

1. You can read the PDF document and reach out to us at with your comments

2. Or add your comments on our google document.

Thank you!

The Karkhana Computing Team