The seeds for Karkhana were planted at the Monsoon Collective, a month-long workshop for self-motivated artists, engineers, and tinkerers. Karkhana founder Sakar Pudasaini was a part of the Collective in Kathmandu in July, where he met co-founder Dipeshwor Man Shrestha. Dipesh and Sakar started Karkhana as a Saturday morning hacker hang-out for members of the Monsoon Collective that wanted to keep working together.

In October, Sakar met Sunoj Shrestha, Pavitra Gautam, and Suresh Ghimire at a Google Developer Group Bar Camp. The four started talking about doing a joint project almost immediately. By December, they had decided to build a local innovation-focused company together.


Teachers, Tinkerers, Experimenters!

Over time both efforts hit the same limitation, a lack of talented people with critical thinking abilities and a propensity to take the risks that result in solving seemly intractable problems. Upon reflection the founding team realized these challenges stemmed from an education system that only emphasized memorizing and ignored doing, making, thinking and failing. So they set out to fix that.

Karkhana’s founders measure success in a simple way. They want to catalyze an ecosystem that permits the kids they teach to do the things they were unable to do – create innovative solutions to local problems, and make a living while doing it.

Experimentation, collaboration, and play are the cornerstones of our company. Even in its commercial pursuits.

Experimentation, collaboration, and play are the cornerstones of Karkhana. Even in its commercial pursuits, it remains true to these values. We are both makers and teachers. The maker, in her pursuit of solutions, breaks new ground. The teacher nurtures a new generation of makers. This allows us to both develop products and cultivate a culture of innovation. The Karkhana team creates products that are tailored to local needs yet inform the global conversation on the future.

Karkhana is located in the Gyaneshwor neighborhood of Kathmandu. We welcome visitors. We especially welcome visitors interested in getting their hands dirty with us. Guests from outside the Kathmandu Valley should look into our residency program.